The Paddler - August 1980

Vol. 2 No. 4 August 1980


As you will notice much of this issue is devoted to the Liffey Decent to celebrate its 21st year in existence. That it should have survived so long is a testimony to its unique appeal and I welcomed the opportunity to record its history as strangely enough there are no complete I.C.U. records of the race and the material gathered has been from private collections of keen enthusiasts.

The development of canoeing in Ireland owes a lot to the Liffey Descent and the people who undertook to organise it each year and while its International appeal may have been dimished in recent years by the arrivl of the "new style" marathons it still ranks as the leading race of its kind anywhere. To my mind too little effort has been made to "sell" the Liffey both abroad and to sponsors in the 1ast few years. It is time for us to reconsider our national assets, of which I believe the Liffey Descent is one, and be proud of our own style of race rather than try to copy those of elsewhere. I for one, look forward to another 21 years.